Dana Dunbaugh Burnell

Writer and Editor, NYC

My novel THE TAME MAN will be on sale everywhere as of August 17th, 2023!

Love, Death, and Midwesterners in the heart of London. 

When Rubicon Baines moved from Illinois to London, she changed her name, her body, and her accent to become an ITV star in the 90s. Years later, now unknown and unemployed, Rubicon meets up with a childhood friend in Waterloo Station. 

London doctor Mark Everleigh—a widower through an act of violence—and his vulnerable teenage son Simon, are stuck in a holding pattern of mutual suspicion. When Mark decides to put the past behind him, it’s Simon’s world that gets turned upside down. 

Jenn Bellwether is the God-fearing childhood friend who Rubicon introduces to her inner circle. Jenn squeezes into more than Rubicon’s old designer dresses, inserting herself and her stolid American Family Values into Mark’s life. As Jenn gets stronger, Rubicon gets weaker and the stranglehold on Mark’s family leaves everyone searching for a way out.

Finally, Mark finds one: Rubicon herself. 

THE TAME MAN is a darkly comic novel about the inescapable undertow of the past, and the lengths we’ll go to when our next chance just might be our last.

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