by Dana D. Burnell

“I had a husband once. . .it didn’t take.  And then there’s the kid I killed; his nephew, Ollie.” 

Augusta Gunn is a lush and a looker with a checkered history; she’s a burlesque dancer who relies on vodka and film noir to block out recollections of her married life in London, and who struggles with partial memories of the fire she accidentally started in a blackout eight years ago. But just when Augusta’s about to wrap a Chicago trench coat around herself, nice and tight, to head for the final count—she runs into someone from her past. Someone from London. Someone who makes her think maybe she didn’t kill the kid after all.

But can a lush pull herself back from the edge of cirrhosis, and face her past? It depends on whether she learned something from all those old Barbara Stanwyck films, or not. . .

Copyright Dana D. Burnell